House rules

Our house rules

General Information
The hotel rooms are rented on a daily basis. The basis for the guest´s check-in is the signing of the registration form, the registration card.

Use of the Wi-Fi
We must point to you that the copyrights of third parties must be observed when using our Internet access. In particular, downloads und uploads via so-called file-sharing networks are not permitted and will lead to claim for damages on the part of our company in the event of an infringement.

Our reception is only open at certain times on the day. These are Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00. If you wish to arrive or depart outside our opening hours, please contact us before or during your stay. We will do our best do adapt to your wishes.

Of course, our employees are at your disposal for any questions or concerns you may have at any time. If you have a problem concerning your stay in our house, you are welcome to contact one of our employees at any time. Please call us at +49 (0)89 96228955 if you do not find anyone.

Our rooms are available from 13:00, possibly after consultation with us also earlier. On the day of your departure, the room must be vacated by 11:00 at the latest.

During your stay at the hotel we ask you to behave in an environmentally-friendly way, especially when dealing with water and electricity. The employees of the hotel are entitled, during the stay of the guest, to use the hotel room for the purpose of cleaning or to carry out repair work, etc.
The rooms must be left tidy so that the cleaning staff can clean all open spaces and
For safety reasons, it is not permitted to heat food and drinks in the rooms. The guests are not entitled to make changes in the hotel rooms and their furnishings. Moving the furniture in particular is generally prohibited.
Please close all windows and doors when leaving the room in order to avoid damage caused by storms.
For your safety please do not lean out of the windows. The window may only be opened to ventilate the room.
Please keep doors and windows closed when starting the heating system.
When leaving the room, turn off the TV and lights.

Our continental breakfast buffet is available from Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 09:00 if this has been booked. If you have not booked breakfast, please contact us.

The parking spaces in front of our house are available for our guests free of charge. If you cannot find a parking space directly in our parking lot, please park on the neighbouring streets. You can also park your car in our underground car park for a fee of 8€/24 hrs. From there take the lift directly to Hotel Garni Fischerfleck.

Night rest / safety / tidiness
We ask all guests to behave in such a way that the other guests are not disturbed. From 22:00 we ask that all guests avoid any loud noises in the room. We also ask guests when leaving and returning to your room to be respectful of other guests and remain quiet in the corridors and stairwell.

Drunk guests may be expelled from the house. Bringing illegal drugs and weapons of any kind leads to an immediate ban on entering the house. In this case, the competent authorities will also be informed of this.

The law for the protection of children and young persons applies in all rooms and outside facilities.

Persons who are not registered in our booking system and who are brought into our house by guests are only allowed to enter after prior notification at reception. Our house may refuse access to such persons in individual cases.

Smoking policy
Smoking is forbidden in the entire building. The only exception is the roof terrace. If a fire alarm is triggered by illegal smoking or if the smoke detectors have been deliberately manipulated, the hotel accepts no liability. The resulting costs for the deployment of the fire brigade or other security services are to be paid directly on site. If it is determined that guests smoke in the rooms, a special cleaning fee of 100 € will be charged to the guest be our house. Furthermore, we will charge you for the rental loss for at least 3 days without breakfast.

Bringing illegal intoxicants and weapons is strictly prohibited and will lead to an immediate ban from the house. In this case, the competent authorities shall also be informed of this circumstance.

Guest kitchen with beverage vending machine
In a separate kitchen cutlery and dishes are at your disposal. There is also a microwave oven which you are welcome to use. We ask you to put the used dishes back in the kitchen and not to leave them in the room. A beverage vending machine with soft drinks is also available. Please sort the used bottles into the beverage crates provided.
Please be sure to dispose the garbage properly in the designated containers.

Community washrooms / toilets
The common washrooms are divided into ladies and gentlemen and can only be entered accordingly.
The common washrooms are to be used exclusively for the intended purpose (showers, personal hygiene, toilet) and are to be left clean and tidy. Please use the provided rubbish bins. It is forbidden to dispose hygiene products (e.g. bandages and tampons) and food in the toilets. It is expressly forbidden to stand on the toilet seat.

Rooftop terrace
Our idyllically situated roof terrace is open 24 hours a day where you can come and relax. We ask you to be respectful of other guests when using the terrace and avoid making any loud noises. Here we ask you to use the existing garbage and ashtrays and leave the terrace clean again.

Washing machine / dryer
A washing machine and dryer is available in a separate room next to the men´s common washroom. Both devices can be put into operation by a coin operated machine. We kindly ask you to use the equipment only for its intended purpose (washing and drying) and to remove it when your laundry is ready. Please bring your own detergent.

Damage, dirt, loss of keys
Please be careful with all the furnishings in the hotel and in your room. This should be observed by all guests and their visitors.

In the event of damage or soiling of buildings or inventory, or in the event of loss of the key, the damage incurred must be compensated by the party responsible. The loss price of the hotel key is 15 €. Compensation payments are to be made immediately and in cash (in the case of groups, accompanying persons, possibly representing the organiser, must pay in advance). Theft and deliberate damage to property will be reported immediately.

Damages which are only discovered by our employees after departure are considered damage to property and we proceed accordingly. The damage incurred will be charged to the causer.

Bringing pets is not permitted.

Valuables / Luggage
We would like to point out that we cannot assume any liability for luggage and valuables. The hotel accepts no liability for the loss of valuables (in particular jewellery and cash). Also the safekeeping of the wardrobe in the common washing rooms, technical equipment brought along etc. is the exclusive responsibility of the guest. Access by third parties or the transfer of rooms in the hotel to third parties by guests is only permitted with the written consent of the hotel.

Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (even after moving into the room(s)) with immediate effect and to expel the guest or group of guests form the hotel in the exercise of its domestic authority if the guest or group of guests harms the reputation, safety or reputation of the hotel, is suspected of committing criminal acts or harasses, repeatedly disturbs or endangers other guests, residents, passers-by or neighbours.

In particular, repeated infringements by the guest or group of guests of these house rules or the general terms and conditions, as well as damage, soiling or theft of hotel property shall entitle the hotel to terminate the contract immediately. This shall also apply if the guest uses the hotel room for a purpose other than that agreed upon. In these cases, the guest is obliged to pay damages and to pay for the accommodation already occupied and for the accordance with the cancellation regulations.

We thank you for your attention and the observance of our house rules. Should you have any further questions regarding your stay, please contact us at any time.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our house.


Your team from Hotel Garni Fischerfleck