Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Scope

(1) The terms and conditions for contracts in Hotel Garni Fischerfleck GmbH apply to the provision of event and event spaces by Hotel Garni Fischerfleck GmbH, Fischerfleck 7, 85737 Ismaning, hereinafter Hotel Garni Fischerfleck, as well as for the receiving party of the services and the associated deliveries and services to the client, hereinafter referred to as customers. These principles apply in addition to the general terms and conditions of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck, in which e.g. are the payment methods for customers in seminars and workshops.
(2) The subletting and re-letting of personal rooms or areas, as well as the invitation to the interviews, the perception or perception, the need for the written information of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck.
(3) Displacement terms and conditions of the customer only apply if dies are checked in writing.

§ 2 Conclusion of the contract, contract partners, liability

(1) Every reservation or booking of different areas, as well as the rights of other deliveries and services, becomes binding for both parties with the written description by email. All offers are non-binding.
(2) If the client/purchaser is not the customer himself or if the customer changes a commercial agent or organizer, the latter is jointly and severally liable with the customer for all rights arising from the contract.
(3) The customer has to procure those for the implementation of the official powers, permits, etc. at his own expense. He alone is also responsible for the right rights to GEMA taxes, fire watch, etc. The fulfillment of personal rights that belongs to demand.
(4) The regulations of the police, fire brigade, and public order offices applicable to the event rooms must be carried out by the customer
will be. The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck or its agents can issue instructions for the implementation.

§ 3 Rights, Prices, Rights

(1) The disputed prices are including the participation tax. A violation of the value-added tax after the conclusion of the contract is at the expense of the customer. Overwriting the period between the conclusion of the contract and the contract four months and taxes the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck general price for the similar personal rights, the contractually agreed price can be controlled, if others are increased by 10%.
(2) The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck GmbH has the right to ask the customer to pay the full price in advance up to 1 week before the booked date.

§ 4 Cancellation of Hotel Garni Fischerfleck

(1) If the advance payment is not seen even after a period of grace with a threat of rejection has expired, Hotel Garni Fischerfleck is entitled to withdraw from the contract.
(2) Furthermore, the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck rights are withdrawn from the contract in confidence for an objective reason.
• Violent violence or other rights that cannot be contested by the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck make the performance of the contract power.
• Events with misleading or false information Right facts e.g. in the person of the customer or the purpose.
• The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck has taken care of seeing the security or the reputation of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck in public, without the control or organizational area of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck being attributable.
(3) The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck has to inform the customer of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
(4) The customer has no right to compensation from the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck.

§ 5 Resignation of the customer

If the customer withdraws from his order by e-mail, he will become due
• For cancellations up to 5 weeks for the booked appointment, we will charge a control fee of € 50.
• From 3 weeks before the booked date, we increase 60% of the total room rent.
• From 1 week before the booked date, we ask for 85% of the total order amount.
• From 3 days before the booked date, we ask for 100% of the total order amount.

§ 6 Number of contractors and event time

(1) The control number as well as the food and drink selection must be communicated to Hotel Garni Fischerfleck at least 6 working days in advance.

§ 7 Bringing food, drinks/sales guarantee

(1) As a matter of principle, the customer is not allowed to bring food and drinks to events and conferences. Exceptions require the express approval of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck. In these cases, an amount will be charged to cover overhead costs.

§ 8 Technical equipment and connections

(1) As far as the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck for the customer on his
Arrange to procure technical and other equipment from third parties, act in the name, on behalf of and for the account of the customer. The customer is responsible for careful handling and proper return. He releases the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck from all claims by third parties from the provision of these facilities.
(2) The use of the customer’s electrical systems using the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck’s electricity network requires the customer’s written consent. Malfunctions or damage to the technical systems of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck caused by the use of these devices is at the expense of the customer unless the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck is responsible for them. The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck may record and charge the electricity costs incurred through the use.

§ 9 Loss of or damage to items brought along

(1) Exhibition or other items, including personal items, are brought into the event rooms at the customer’s risk. The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck accepts no liability for loss, destruction, or damage, except in the case of gross negligence or willful misconduct.
(2) Decoration material brought along must meet the fire safety requirements. The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck is entitled to request official proof of this. Due to possible damage, the setting up and attachment of objects must be agreed upon with the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck in advance. If the damage is caused by the attachment/display of objects, the customer bears the renovation/repair costs.
(3) The exhibition or other objects brought along must be removed immediately after the end of the event. If the customer fails to do so, the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck may remove and store it at the customer’s expense.
(4) If the objects remain in the event room, the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck can charge room rent for the duration of the stay. The customer reserves the right to provide evidence of lower damage, and Hotel Garni Fischerfleck of higher damage.

§ 10 Liability of the customer for damage

(1) The customer is liable for all damage to the building or inventory caused by event participants or visitors, his employees, other third parties from his area, or himself.
(2) The Hotel Garni Fischerfleck can request the provision of appropriate securities (e.g. insurance, deposit, guarantees) from the customer.

§ 11 Advertising

(1) If a publication or advertising takes place without written consent and if this affects the essential interests of the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck, the Hotel Garni Fischerfleck has the right to cancel the event.

§ 12 final provisions

(1) Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of applications, or these terms and conditions for events must be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions by the customer are invalid.
(2) The place of performance and fulfillment as well as the place of jurisdiction, excluding UN sales law, is Munich for all claims and disputes arising from this contract.
(3) German law applies.
(4) Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions for events be or become invalid, void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Besides, the statutory provisions apply.